About Us

In 2003 emPower Positive Radio's parent group emPower Music & Arts began to represent the growing number of Positive Music artists and to connect New Thought churches and people to this great music. Our first POSI music festival began in 2005 and has grown in the last 11 years to a weeklong event drawing hundreds of fans and musicians together for concerts, workshops and recognition. Our movement into radio began in earnest with our partnership with Tom Averna who began the very first Positive Music Internet radio station in 2001. Since redesigning emPower Positive Radio in 2015 our listenership has increased fivefold and continues to grow monthly. This is the ONLY station of its kind right now anywhere in the world.

Mission Statement:
emPower Positive Radio’s primary focus is to teach, promote, and enable positive speaking and living through the use of entertainment and information presented through cutting edge technology and distributed throughout the world. We support and promote positive artists and others encouraging creativity and success in everyone touched by our message.

Core Values:

  • Support and promote development and exposure of positive artists and music
  • Encouraging individual creativity, ability, imagination and dreams
  • Responsibility to develop individual and social reforms through presenting and distributing positive news, features and information as well as other programming
  • Remain on the cutting edge of technology to promote positive values

Core Purpose:

  • To enable all people to live positive and joy filled lives