The 15 Minute Have-a-Heart Positive Listening Challenge

Here is the challenge: listen as often as  you can for at least 15 minutes every month and extend the challenge to at least ten friends.

As incentive, empower music and arts is pledging $500 for every month we increase our listener hours by at least 500 hours up to $2500 to be donated to the Songs of Love organization.  The Songs of Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing personalized uplifting songs, free of charge, for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges.  For more info on this visit their website:

So it will be good for your heart, your friends' hearts, and the heart of a young warrior struggling with health issues whose life will be lifted by songs written especially for her or him.

After listening, please answer some questions about your listening experience and ideas you may have for us:

The 15 Minute Have a Heart Positive Listening Challenge

Listen to Empower Positive Radio for at least an hour total and then fill out this questionnaire Our goal is to take Posi music first to those who desire a message of hope and positivity then to the world. As you listen, think about how can we increase listenership to station. Answer each question personally, but also think about others you know who you would like to listen to Positive Music Please don’t answer any of the questions with a simple yes or no. Try to explain your answer.
  • Music

  • Message

  • Entertainment (Fun Factor)

  • Vision

  • Our Vision

    • Four radio streams playing one in each time zone
    • Local Live or Voice Tracked hours for every music hour with the capability to take phone calls so that every artist and others can promote their concerts and events
    • Separate music streams for genres like Gospel, Meditation, Instrumental, and other genres that may not be heard on the main stream.
    • Ability to pay royalties so that we can play mainstream artists who write and perform positive music to encourage them to do more and to support our emerging genre.
    • Major concert events in major cities promoted by the radio station
    • Establishment of a Trade Organization whose sole purpose is to promote Positive Music as a mainstream genre.
    • To help and encourage other people to start Positive Music radio stations on the Internet and on Terrestrial Radio stations
    • To be promoted by Oprah and every other author and speaker who is promoting a positive agenda.
    • To partner with or create a positive news agency to gather and share positive news stories on the radio, internet and print media.
    • To distribute Positive Music shows to radio stations for use in their weekend or weekday programming
    • To establish a presence on Pandora and/or Satellite Radio.